The challenge

Anyone who works in the nonprofit sector or on social issues knows two things to be true: It seems there are never enough resources to do the work that is necessary; and, any social reform is far too complicated for any single organization or entity to tackle alone. Despite this common knowledge, many organizations continue to operate in silos. Many struggle to identify complementarities, to collaborate effectively, and to learn from each other’s experiences. These challenges limit the effectiveness of organizations working in support of governance reform and diminish collective impact across the sector.

Our approach

With our colleagues at Development Gateway, we founded the Open Gov Hub in 2012 to tackle these challenges head on. As a dynamic meeting place that brings together various actors and resources, we support a global network of 40+ organizations working on governance, anchored in our brick and mortar co-working space in Washington DC (with affiliate hubs in Liberia, Nepal, and elsewhere). We offer access to essential shared resources, and facilitate learning and innovation across our networks. We help our members and partners uncover shared interests and needs, and break down sectoral and organizational silos. We use the evidence that emerges from this work to catalyze collaboration across the world, and, strengthen our members’ ability to rise to the global challenges of our time, particularly related to open, accountable governance.

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