Our vision is of a world in which people and organizations, in countries and communities across the globe, work together to improve governance, and solve complex social problems.


Our mission is to help people and organizations solve complex social problems, by supporting locally-led innovation, learning, and adaptation.


We believe that local leadership, learning, and action are essential elements in improving governance and solving complex social problems. Our values reflect this fundamental belief, guiding what we do and how we do it. We are:


We are laser-focused on helping our partners solve the complex problems they care about. Governance principles are important, but matter most when they inform effective action to address problems that citizens care about.


We recognize that we and our partners operate in complex, dynamic systems, and that we do not have all the answers. Local actors are the real experts as regards the governance and development challenges they face and are therefore the focal point of all our work. We recognize our limitations, and aim to learn from, and serve our local partners.

Collaborative & Inclusive

We seek out and value diverse backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives when we collaborate with partners on particular projects and programs, in our recruitment of board members and staff, and in our own internal ways of working.


As a relatively small, agile organization, we develop, test, and share innovative methodologies that can shape practice and improve outcomes across the entire sector.


We communicate proactively, openly, and honestly about our challenges, successes, and lessons learned, and aim to listen more than we talk.