The challenge

Multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) such as the Open Government Partnership and the Open Contracting Partnership play an increasingly important role in the governance and development landscape. Operating at multiple levels – global, regional, national and local – MSIs can support efforts to put principles of transparency, participation, and accountability into practice, and ensure that practical experience informs the evolution and application of these principles. Despite some recent progress, too often, MSI processes focus on compliance, with governments championing, and winning acclaim for, reforms that fail to address the core priorities of local civil society and citizens. Too often, policies enacted through MSIs do not deliver their intended impact. If MSIs are to close this gap, they need to become more effective platforms for dialogue and action, which enable multiple players - governments, civil society, international agencies, and the private sector - to come together, collaborate, and navigate the political dynamics to deliver policy reforms that address citizen priorities.

Our approach

We’re working to make MSIs more effective vehicles for transformative change. We support MSI stakeholders - in-country reformers, MSIs themselves, and donors and INGOs - as they engage with, and shape, political dynamics and patterns of incentives in the systems in which they work. This means facilitating partners’ efforts to identify and analyze problems, design and test creative strategies for addressing those problems, systematically track progress, and course correct in response to emerging lessons and challenges. We feed the evidence and insights from country-level work into global conversations on MSIs, with a view towards helping MSIs sharpen their learning functions, make the most of their interconnections, and ultimately, strengthen their contribution to improving governance and solving governance-related problems.

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